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Silicone resin in solvent.





DOWSIL 997 varnish is a silicone impregnating varnish that offers processing ease and versatility, and features good dielectric properties and moisture resistance. In service,it exhibits good retention of bond strength. Its reliability has been proved by years of extensive use throughout the electrical equipment industry.

Other outstanding features of DOWSIL 997 varnish include:

Long service life – reliable even at 220 C (428 F) hottest spot temperature
Ease of use – varnish is readily thinned to meet specific application requirements
Little tendency to bubble during cure
Flexible cure schedules
Designed to meet requirements of MIL-I-24092B


DOWSIL 997 varnish is typically used as an electrical insulating impregnant for a variety of insulation systems. Motor stator coils, generator coils, solenoids and transformer windings
are common application areas.