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lubricants and sealants


Medium strength medium viscosity thixotropic anaerobic threadlocker for the threaded connections up to M36 size which are often dismantled. It can suit for sealing pipe threads which are often dismantled.

Operating temperatures

-60°C +150°C


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Retaining and sealing of the routine disassemble threaded connections (including those ones covered with protective coatings):
- standard thread (metric, pipe, taper, etc.) up to M36
- non-standard thread - threaded gap is below 0,3 mm

Advantages over conventional locking means:
·Prevents bolts and nuts loosening due to vibration or thermal expansion
·Prevents self-unscrewing
·Lubricates thread, makes assembly easier
·Increases machining tolerance
·Provides threaded connection sealing, eliminates leaks
·Replaces various mechanical locking elements – lock nuts, grommets, spring washers, cotter pins

Retaining and sealing of the routine disassemble metal threaded pipe joints up to 1¼"

Advantages over conventional sealing means:
·Provides reliable sealing of the pipe joint as this sealant doesn't break, nor crumbles, nor creeps, nor looses in the course of time
·Retains threaded pipesealing under changable pressure
·Creates 100% tightness of the pipe even when the thread is damaged or not screwed down tightly
·Workable at high presures up to pipe fracture
·Resistant to vibration
·Replaces various gasketing materials such as so-called underwinding and tapes, etc.


  • Has a wide range of service temperatures when cured
  • Does not cause corrosion on metals and alloys
  • Does not cure on the outer surface of the joint, product excess is easy to remove
  • Provides sealing, bonding and retaining at the same time
  • Protects the joint from penetration of moisture and corrosive substances which shorten its service life
  • Easy to apply and fast curing what speeds up the assembly process

Video review

Стандарт Показатель Ед. изм. Значение
Химический типДиметакриловый полиэфир
Диапазон рабочих температур°Сот -60 до +150 (кратковременно до +180)
Кажущаяся вязкость по Брукфильду при 20 об/минмПа*с1500 - 3500
Температура вспышки°C>115
Плотность при 25 °Сг/см31,03 - 1,15
ISO 10964Момент срыва через 24 ч (для стали М10)Н*м8 - 25
ISO 10964Момент отвинчивания через 24 ч (для стали М10)Н*м 4 - 10
Время для достижения начальной прочностимин10 - 15
Время для достижения рабочей прочностич1 - 4
Время для достижения полной прочностич24