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Thermo- and frost-resistant synthetic grease for fishing reels based on synthetic (PAO) oil and lithium soap. It is resistant to washing-off with water, compatible with most of plastics and elastomers, it is suitable for reels of any types

Operating temperatures

-50°C +120°C
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  • Baitcasting reels/li>
  • Reels with front drag
  • Reels with rear drag
  • Carp reels


  • It withstands high temperatures up to +120 °С
  • It operates at frost down to -50 °С
  • It provides smooth and noiseless reel operation
  • It suit for both summer and winter fishing
  • It is not washed off with water
  • It has no odour
  • It doesn’t destroy plastic and rubber parts
  • It’s the optimal price-quality rate

Friction pair materials combination

  • metal /metal
  • metal/plastic
  • plastic/plastic
  • metal/elastomer
  • plastic/elastomer

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Ед. изм.


Цвет Слоновая кость
Базовое масло Полиальфаолефин (ПАО)
Загуститель Литиевое мыло
Диапазон рабочих температур °С от -50 до +120