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Merbenit product range includes new generation adhesives/sealants that is hybrid compounds on basis of MS-polymers which integrate both polyurethanes and silicones properties. Merbenit materials formulation determines their advantages against other bonding and sealing compounds: they are more resistant to the loads, vibrations and UV radiation and higher flexible. In addition, Merbenit sealing materials are not electrically conductive.  

Merbenit adhesives/sealants bond together dissimilar substrates in a very reliable way. These materials’ various consistency (from paste like up to floating) and excellent adhesion enable to apply them both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. In many cases these flexible uniform compounds exceed the conventional mechanical fasteners by their quality and durability and reduce the final items and structures total weight.  

Merbenit technologies application helps to reduce labor and expendables costs and at the same time to increase production efficiency.