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ATF is the authorized distributor on promoting the advanced technology products of MODENGY, EFELE, DOW, Molykote brands over the territory of the Russian Federation

If you need to improve your productive processes, to open new markets, or to gain competitive advantage, our team is ready to help you with that, and will do so with an impeccable quality.

Sergey Golubov
General director

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While the competitive struggle it is necessary to improve constantly technological procedures, to increase outlet product quality and production safety and at the same time to reduce any costs. The help to enterprises in solving their challenges is ATF’s activity aim. Our cooperation is guarantee of your success!
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EFELE synthetic frost resistant greases for equipment operating under low temperatures
EFELE SG-311, and EFELE SG-321 synthetic frost resistant greases were developed specially for very low temperatures where conventional lubricating materials fail.
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